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it is going to be okay in the end

if it is not okay, it is not the end

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Name:Gamzee Makara
Birthdate:Jun 16

Your name is Gamzee Makara.

You are now nearly SEVEN SWEEPS old and a lot of things have CHANGED. A lot of things have stayed the same. And some things kind of flip-flop between being the same and being really different. It is cool. You are CHILL with it.

You have been in wondrous place called VATHEON for over a HUMAN YEAR now. Vatheon is a weird JARJAM UNDERWATER BUBBLE PANFANDOM ROLEPLAY SETTING but these words mean nothing to you. A lot of words mean nothing to you. It is just HOME at this point. You have made a lot of excellent FRIENDS in Vatheon, from many different worlds and different times. It's enough to make you CRY sometimes over how MOTHERFUCKING BEAUTIFUL it is.

You currently live in a nice little house together with your MATESPRIT EQUIUS ZAHHAK and his ANCESTOR DARKLEER. This house used to belong to your previous MOIRAIL WATARU KURENAI but he got sent home a while back. You still like to think of him a lot though, and keep some rooms in the house exactly the same IN CASE HE COMES BACK. You have also fallen in pale with your BEST FRIEND KARKAT VANTAS and he became your MOIRAIL just after the human celebration of Halloween. You keep falling down all these DIAMOND-SHAPED MIRACLES. It keeps happening.

Last year, on 3/14 you went SOBER and MURDERED SOME OF YOUR FRIENDS. You did not stop until Karkat killed you. This changed your life FOREVER. With the help of your moirails, you have tried to stay this side of sane and sober, and tried to learn how to control you RAGE. It has not always been so succesful. You still love eating SOPOR SLIME but you are now on very regular doses of it to prevent any more dead friends from happening. DEAD FRIENDS ARE THE ENEMY. You do not eat as much sopor anymore as you used to which allows you to stay a little more FOCUSED and CLEAR HEADED.

Well. Most of the time.

Recently, after meeting both your ANCESTORS, you and FEFERI PEIXES decided to do everything you can to never turn into people like them and to FIX EVERYTHING THEY HAVE DONE WRONG. This is kind of big and seems like you would need A MIRACLE to pull it off. Luckily miracles just have this tendency of appearing wherever you go. IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL. You also cut your hair. It looks like you battled a WEED WHACKER but you are cool with it. You just gotta go with what feel right, you know?










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